Used Yard Trucks for Sale

Designed to move semi-trailers within freight yards, yard trucks allow for easy maneuverability to move units faster than a typical tractor and substantially increase operator efficiency.

Because these vehicles accommodate a hydraulic lifting fifth wheel, the operator can lower trailers and disengage the fifth wheel, without getting out of the cab or cranking the landing gear.

Typical Inventory

Our Yard Trucks – also known as Yard Dogs, Spotter Trucks, Yard Jockey, Mule - are designed to move freight within a cargo yard or warehouse facility. Typical inventory: Ottawa yard trucks.

Speed Restrictions

Off Road Units: Maximum road speed 25 MPH. All models. Speed requirements in excess of 25MPH require DOT/EPA automotive certified engines.
On Road Units: Road speed of over 33 MPH requires FMVSS 121 and ABS brake systems.

Financing Available

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    Yard Trucks

    • Built to accommodate an elevating fifth wheel
    • Optimized to move semi-trailers around freight yards quickly
    • Also known as spotters, terminal tractors, Ottawas, switchers, hostlers, yard jockeys, yard dogs, yard tractors, yard goats, utility tractor rigs (UTRs), stevedoring tractors or port tractors
    • Regulated according to engine installed (on- or off-road) and usage