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First-time Buyer

Our online search app with daily inventory updates and sales support will make your first used truck purchase easy.

Maintenance and Condition

Penske vehicles are built on solid service history and come with a five-year maintenance report.

Taking Ownership

Penske experience, reputation and quality used vehicles let you buy a used truck with confidence.

Government Regulations and Engine Technologies

Learn about recent emissions standards and how to comply with government regulations.

Financing Special

Finance Your Truck with Premier Financing

Programs for all buyers.

Premier Financing specializes in commercial truck financing and works with the most competitive lenders in the commercial market to find you a great rate.

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Used Truck Center

Used Truck Centers

Visit a used vehicle sales location near you.

Penske’s Used Truck Centers offer a large selection of high-quality used trucks and tractors, all available for immediate purchase.

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Protection plans for all your needs.

Protect your investment with a warranty from National Truck Protection (NTP), the trucking industry’s leading independent provider of warranties in North America.

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Buying from Penske

It’s easy to get started.

We have thousands of Penske used trucks, tractors and trailers that are ready to fit your fleet needs.

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