A Proven Process for Road-Ready Used Trucks

Through rigorous maintenance and inspection, we ensure every used vehicle we sell meets vehicle quality standards.

Rigorous Preventive Maintenance

Most of our used trucks have had just one owner so for their entire vehicle life, they’ve benefited from Penske maintenance, including:

  • Oil and coolant analysis that detects trouble before it happens,
  • engine settings that optimize performance and save fuel, and
  • more annual inspections than the law requires.

You can see our dedication to quality. We provide online service histories for every truck, tractor and trailer we sell.

70-Point Presale Inspection

At Penske, we inspect our used trucks to ensure all systems meet the manufacturer's specifications and are in top working condition before you drive off the lot.

Our trained technicians:

  • Drive, test and inspect the entire vehicle
  • Ensure up-to-date service and DOT inspection
  • Check under and upper chassis, engine and electrical operation
  • Ensure steer assembly operation
  • Inspect all components – with and without engine running
  • Inspect windshields, interior and radio; check tires and wheels
  • Remove Penske decals; touch up bumper and wheel paint
  • Sweep out interior and pressure wash