Browse Used Light Duty Box Trucks for sale in ND

Penske’s inventory of used light duty trucks in North Dakota are ideal for light duty jobs including personal moving, delivery of goods including furniture and home appliances, and as work vehicles for small businesses. The truck is characterized as a light box truck by its capacity and box or cube cargo area. Browse our inventory of used light duty box trucks in Light Duty Box Truck or search our entire used light duty box truck inventory. Used Box Trucks are available in North Dakota in the following:

Cities- Fargo

Manufacturers- GMC, Ford

  • $ 20,000

    92,314 miles

  • $ 20,750

    96,039 miles

  • $ 19,750

    99,753 miles

  • $ 20,250

    100,039 miles

  • $3,500 Off Light Duty Box Trucks


    $3,500 Off Light Duty Box Trucks - $ 3,500

    $ 15,750

    115,334 miles