Browse Used Flatbed Trucks for sale in OR

Penske has inventory of Used Flatbed Trucks for sale in Oregon available for immediate sale. Flatbed trucks are medium duty trucks that have an entirely level and flat bed area without a roof or sides. These types of trucks are ideal for cargo of non-uniform size or shape, as well as cargo that will not be affected by being exposed to the elements. Search Penske’s used flatbed trucks inventory available in Oregon in the following cities and manufacturers:

Cities- Clackamas, Wilsonville, Portland

Manufacturers- Freightliner, Isuzu

  • $3,000 Off Medium Duty Trucks


    $3,000 Off Medium Duty Trucks - $ 3,000

    $ 11,500

    1,225,693 miles

  • $ 32,750

    84,867 miles

  • $ 34,250

    57,557 miles

  • $ 34,750

    47,275 miles

  • $ 36,000

    57,846 miles